4/1/2005: For the first time since launching the website in January, we exceeded our initial web traffic goal of 1000 page views per month. In fact, in the month of March we served up over 1500 pages to visitors. While this is a relatively small number, it represents our first achievement in building a substantial community. We are very excited to have passed this milestone and are even more excited to start reaching for our next goal of 1000 page views per week.

2/10/2005: is now multilingual. We have completed the initial translation of our site to Japanese. From this day forward, we will publish all content in both English and Japanese.

1/1/2005: The official launch of the site was completed today on new years day 2005. Development on our first topic, homestays, has begun in earnest. Our founder published some of his homestay experiences today, and we have started working with outside contributors to add additional personal stories.

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